Ephraim Mattos

Founder and Executive Director of stronghold rescue & relief

former US Navy SEAL

author of City of Death: Humanitarian Warriors In the Battle of Mosul

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Full Bio

After graduating high-school in Wisconsin in 2010, Ephraim joined the US Navy and, upon successful completion of training, became a member of a West Coast SEAL Team.

Upon leaving the Navy in Spring of 2017 at the age of 24, Ephraim volunteered to work as a civilian combat medic on the front lines of the battle to retake Mosul from ISIS -- the bloodiest urban combat the world has seen since WWII. On June 2, 2017, Ephraim was shot by ISIS while participating in a rescue mission to save Iraqi civilians stranded in ISIS territory.

The moment ephraim was shot, was caught on camera.


While recovering from the gunshot wound, Ephraim began writing a memoir about his experience of working as a volunteer medic in the war on ISIS. He published his first book, City of Death: Humanitarian Warriors In the Battle of Mosul, in the Fall of 2018 alongside co-author Scott McEwen (co-author of AMERICAN SNIPER).


A few months later, after having spent most of 2018 assisting ethnic minorities facing genocide in Myanmar (Burma), Ephraim founded Stronghold Rescue & Relief to assist oppressed people in Burma and around the world facing genocide and human-trafficking.

Today, Ephraim continues to conduct humanitarian rescue and relief operations around the world as the Founder and Executive Director of Stronghold Rescue & Relief.


Ephraim Mattos in Myanmar (2019)


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