sky barkley

Director of operations for stronghold rescue & relief

US marine veteran

former Law Enforcement Officer

Toccoa Falls College Alumni

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Full Bio

Sky Barkley enlisted in the United States Marine Corps while still in High School. Graduating in 2004, he left Maryland and served four years as an Amphibious Assault Vehicle crewman, deploying to Iraq and as part of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit. After a career-ending motor vehicle wreck, Sky served as a police officer in Wyoming.


From 2016 to 2018 Sky volunteered as a civilian combat medic during the war on ISIS in Iraq. While embedded with the Iraqi Army, he participated in the final assault into West Mosul to clear the last stronghold of ISIS in northern Iraq, treating hundreds of patients and volunteering for multiple rescue missions into ISIS-controlled areas.

Sky is a graduate of Toccoa Falls College and a licensed EMT. Today, Sky continues to conduct humanitarian rescue and relief operations around the world as the Director of Operations for Stronghold Rescue & Relief.

Sky is married to Noelle Barkley, who travels and works with him.

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